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Build React Native App (4) - Redux, Jest, and NativeBase

From this blog, typescript feature will be added. There are couple of ways to implement static type checking like; flow from facebook, PropTypes and Typescript.Typescript is well integrated with Visual Studio Code and supports better linter, error messages, and intellisense.Reference siteGithub Sample Ex4Currnet versionD:\GitRepo\reactnative>npm --version 6.3.0 D:\GitRepo\reactnative>react-native --version react-native-cli: 2.0.1 react-native: n/a - not inside a React Native project directory D:\GitRepo\reactnative>yarn --version 1.9.4 Creating React Native App$ react-native init ex4 If you want to specify the version, add "--version 0.57.3" at the end.Add NativeBase to React Native$ npm install native-base --save ... + native-base@2.8.1 added 71 packages from 42 contributors, removed 50 packages, updated 829 packages and audited 34989 packages in 138.542s found 0 vulnerabilities $ $ yarn yarn install v1.9.4 warning package-lock.json found. Your project contains l…

Installing Ceph docker plugin to DCOS using Rex-Ray

Installing Ceph docker plugin to DCOS using Rex-RayIntroductionFrom the previous blog, DC/OS 1.9 and Ceph have been installed. To install Jenkins using external volume, I decided to use Rex-Ray because most of other plugins have not been maintained properly to support latest version.Referencedcos-rexrayMarathon rexrayConfiguring docker to use rexray and Ceph for persistent storageRex-ray configuration generatorrexray Docker volume plug-insInstall Rex-Ray[dcosadmin@dcotest02 ~]$ sudo su - Last login: Mon Jun 26 12:50:35 MDT 2017 from on pts/0 [root@dcotest02 ~]# curl -sSL | sh INFO[0000] updated log level logLevel=info INFO[0000] exiting process time=1498592066094 rexray has been installed to /usr/bin/rexray INFO[0000] updated log level logLevel=info REX-Ray ------- Binary: /usr/bin/rexray Flavor: client+agent+controller SemVer: 0.9.1 OsArc…

Install Ceph shared storage to DCOS 1.9

After installing DC/OS, I noticed that all data worked with container stored to local node. Due to the reason, when the container was moved from one node to antoher, all configuration has been lost. I tried to find out shared storage solution and this manual is regarding how to add CEPH open source platform to CentOS DC/OS platformReferenceCeph Script on DC/OSCeph on DC/OSlosetup manualChecking file system type in LinuxCeph example from DCOS 1.8Ceph example from DCOS 1.9bash_rc vs profileInstall lightttpdrbd-docker-pluginCurrent configurationAs I posted from previous DC/OS blog, my configuration isI used 4 nodes as DC/OS recommendedComputerNameIP AddessComputer SpecDescriptionNotedcostest01172.16.110.202 core, 16GB, 100 GB DiskBootstrap ComputerCeph Client & DC/OS CLI will be in heredcostest02172.16.110.302 core, 16GB, 100 GB DiskAgent1-Masterdcostest03172.16.110.312 core, 16GB, 100 GB DiskAgent1-Private AgentOSDdcostest04172.16.110.322 core, 16GB, 100 GB DiskAgent2-Private AgentO…