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Build React Native App (4) - Redux, Jest, and NativeBase

From this blog, typescript feature will be added. There are couple of ways to implement static type checking like; flow from facebook, PropTypes and Typescript.Typescript is well integrated with Visual Studio Code and supports better linter, error messages, and intellisense.Reference siteGithub Sample Ex4Currnet versionD:\GitRepo\reactnative>npm --version 6.3.0 D:\GitRepo\reactnative>react-native --version react-native-cli: 2.0.1 react-native: n/a - not inside a React Native project directory D:\GitRepo\reactnative>yarn --version 1.9.4 Creating React Native App$ react-native init ex4 If you want to specify the version, add "--version 0.57.3" at the end.Add NativeBase to React Native$ npm install native-base --save ... + native-base@2.8.1 added 71 packages from 42 contributors, removed 50 packages, updated 829 packages and audited 34989 packages in 138.542s found 0 vulnerabilities $ $ yarn yarn install v1.9.4 warning package-lock.json found. Your project contains l…

SAP #2: Connect to SAP EPH4

SAP #2: Connect SAP EPH4 IntroductionFrom the previous post, we completed the SAP EPH4 installation on the VMWare. This article will show you how you can run the SAP instance and how to connect to the system.Running SAP InstanceAfter completing installation, log off from the current user and login with SAP admin account. In my case, “devadm” account was created with the master password which I entered during installation time.After logging with “devadm” account, “SAP Management Console” will be shown on the Desktop.
Run “SAP Management Console”

Click “Start”
Enter Master Password

Wait until turning light to green on the SAPSRV 0 icon. If the icon color is not green, need to troubleshooting about installation.PrerequisitesSAP GUI 7.1 or 7.2. I tested with 7.3, but no luck. I couldn’t find any 7.1 version, so I installed 7.2 on my computer.Office 2007. As far as I know, SAPGUI will need office product and supporting up to 2007.Connecting to SAPAfter starting the SAP, select logon
SAP #1: How to install SAP ECC 6.0 EPH3 with orcacle from VMWare workstationI am going to start my journey to the SAP ERP system and I am so excited to have an opportunity to learn SAP and starting from the ground. To complete the installation into VMWare, I spent almost two weeks of time to complete the installation. However, I have experience with the Exact ERP and Sage from the implementation and supporting. I hope all of the articles which I am going to write for the ERP help anyone who want to know about ERP and fundamental concept of the system.PrerequisticsHarddisk Space: This will be depend on the database engine. I recommend at least 300 GB for MS SQL Server and 400 GB for Oracle. In generally, I recommend to have hardware space at least 500 GB or 1TB for any future update or adding more module into this programSAP ECC 6.0 IDES EPH3: This is the only version which I can find from torrent and as far as I know, latest release is EHP7. EPH stands for **E**nc**H**anced Packages. …