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Build React Native App (4) - Redux, Jest, and NativeBase

From this blog, typescript feature will be added. There are couple of ways to implement static type checking like; flow from facebook, PropTypes and Typescript.Typescript is well integrated with Visual Studio Code and supports better linter, error messages, and intellisense.Reference siteGithub Sample Ex4Currnet versionD:\GitRepo\reactnative>npm --version 6.3.0 D:\GitRepo\reactnative>react-native --version react-native-cli: 2.0.1 react-native: n/a - not inside a React Native project directory D:\GitRepo\reactnative>yarn --version 1.9.4 Creating React Native App$ react-native init ex4 If you want to specify the version, add "--version 0.57.3" at the end.Add NativeBase to React Native$ npm install native-base --save ... + native-base@2.8.1 added 71 packages from 42 contributors, removed 50 packages, updated 829 packages and audited 34989 packages in 138.542s found 0 vulnerabilities $ $ yarn yarn install v1.9.4 warning package-lock.json found. Your project contains l…

Add DNS using network manager in CentOS

Adding DNS using network manager in centos If you change DNS by yourself from /etc/resolv.conf, the configuration will be gone after rebooting the computer.

Assuming to run all commands with "root" account. Otherwise, the command should be run with "sudo" in front of each command

1. Find connection
# nmcli con
NAME    UUID                                  TYPE      DEVICE
ens160  4f1de527-4257-467d-8476-c5c6efdf1c74  ethernet  ens160

2. Update DNS entry
Format nmcli con mod ipv4.dns dns_servers
# nmcli con mod ens160 ipv4.dns ""

3. Restart network
# systemctl restart network

After update DNS entry, check /etc/resolv.conf file and you will see the new updated record.
# cat /etc/resolve.conf